Great photography is about capturing the moment without being the moment! A good photographer should move without disrupting the event, know how to relate to your guests and leave them feeling pampered not imposed upon, while still delivering high quality, memorable photos. Photos that your guests will want to share - photos they will thank you for!

Live events are especially challenging. Low light conditions require special cameras and lenses, pulling focus on the subject to blur out the noise behind, taking an award recipient at the right moment to show the right notes of excitement or gratitude that sponsors love to use in their promotions. 

Third Tree have several staff photographers that have specific skills in the areas of:

  • Live events such as a conference or awards night;
  • Still photography - such as real estate or landscapes to promote a venue or region;
  • Posed photography such as a fashion shoot, behind the scenes or on location shots of hair and makeup;
  • Head shots - on location or in our own photo studio;
  • Product photography - our photo studio and product tents/benches provide brilliant product shots.

We match the right photographer to your job to ensure the best photos while being mindful of the need to provide your guests and your team with a desirable experience.

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